About the NMSDC Kellogg Advanced Management Executive Program

About AMEP

The NMSDC Kellogg Advanced Management Executive Program is designed to provide certified, established, growth-oriented minority-owned business owners with the tools and skills needed to achieve and sustain accelerated growth in the constantly changing business environment. The leading-edge, four-day immersive program provides minority entrepreneurs the opportunity to work on their business in an interactive environment instructed by educators and professionals with real-world experiences.


Key Objectives

Going beyond the MBA curriculum, this program examines proven best practices to address common entrepreneurial issues in the context of today’s business environment with the following objectives:


·       Develop a growth-oriented strategy that identifies and charts profitable new business opportunities.


·       Strengthen negotiation skills through team exercises.


·       Learn strategies for defending your brand.


·       Improve leadership and management skills and implement a company- and self-assessment process.


·       Develop an organizational capability plan to support growth objectives.


·       Understand the latest socioeconomic, corporate, and public policy trends and their impact on business prospects and strategies.


·       Form valuable working relationships with other successful minority executives.


·       Obtain first-hand knowledge from a corporate senior executive and their views on supplier diversity engagement.


Program Criteria

·       Certified by NMSDC as a minority-owned business.

·       In business at least 2 years.

·       Annual sales greater than $5 million for a manufacturing company or annual sales greater than $3 million for a service company.

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NMSDC NMSDC Kellogg Advanced Management Executive Program

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