Ampcus helps customers with digital transformation journey

Guest Columnist:  Salil Sankaran, president, Ampcus Inc.



The purpose of this article is to examine the importance of a low-code platform and how it benefits companies. Ampcus Inc. has a low-code practice and helps its customers with the journey of digital transformation.



This century is a time of instant gratification; people want things now, and they want things to come easy to them. Anything that’s hard to do, hard to read, too long or requires too much effort is something that will quickly be shunned by the masses. The saying “There’s an app for that!” is one that’s used frequently among today’s generation. Apps have made things easier for people, and often, an app’s success relies on the ease of its user interface.

Companies — like their clients — want the same instant gratification; low-code platforms are the answer. Through low-code platforms, companies can turn out many apps easily and quickly. Low-code platforms don’t require manual coding or a large amount of time; in fact, they use minimal coding, if any.

To use low-code platforms, you don’t have to have extensive amounts of coding knowledge, as the interface is user-friendly and easy to grasp. In that sense, anyone can aid in creating the app regardless of their credentials; this inclusion allows for more than one voice and viewpoint for input and a much better app. When creating apps, developers can craft them with just a click or by dragging and dropping them. Tasks don’t require a hefty paycheck much like the ones that require manual coding, so low-code platforms are also cost-effective for the company. Companies can reach out to their customers no matter what platform they use because low-code platforms take care of that aspect. Low-code platforms are meant to make an app function the same — no matter if it’s used on a PC, tablet or mobile phone.



Overall, the low-code platform is one that is necessary for this era. Not only do low-code platforms benefit users, they also benefit companies in terms of ease of access, time and cost. What took years and many months to create can now be created in less amounts of time.

With low-code platforms, anyone can help create an app, and it’s not reserved solely for developers or coders. Low-code platforms can allow companies to reach their intended target audience through various devices, and the interface is the same across each device, making it easier for the company and users. It’s truly a wonder how a low-code platform was developed to keep up with the needs of companies and users and how it’s simplified some of the most time-consuming tasks. One can only wonder what else low-code platforms can simplify and if they will get any simpler.


About Ampcus Inc.

Ampcus and the Ampcus group of companies are global providers of staff augmentation, information technology and business consulting services. The company specializing  in human capital management; intelligent automation; infrastructure; management and modernization; cybersecurity and risk management; and testing and independent verification and validation services. Ampcus helps organizations improve their performance by applying technology in smarter, more innovative ways and by providing the right talent.

Founded in 2004, Ampcus is ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, CMMI DEV/3 and CMMI SVC/3 certified, and is a minority-owned/woman-owned business. Ampcus is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and a member of its Corporate Plus® program. The company is also certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education.

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