The Billion Dollar Roundtable Inc. recently rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. BDR was created in 2001 to recognize and celebrate corporations that achieved spending of at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers.

The organization promotes and shares best practices in supply-chain diversity excellence through the production of white papers.

In discussions, the members review common issues, opportunities and strategies. The BDR encourages corporate entities to continue growing their supplier diversity programs by increasing commitment and spending levels each year. The organization inducts new members bi-annually. 

The NYSE bell
One of the most familiar images of the New York Stock Exchange on the evening news is the loud ringing of a bell, signaling the opening or closing of the day’s trading.

Trading floor bells are more than just a colorful tradition. They are critical to the orderly functioning of the marketplace, assuring that no trades take place before the opening or after the close.


Billion Dollar Roundtable BDR New York Stock Exchange NYSE Closing Bell

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