Business owners can easily opt in and opt out of the attribute

Thanks to the continued innovation and excellence of Google, businesses can now add an “Asian-owned” attribute to their Business Profile on both Search and Maps. Ad-supported publishers can also identify as Asian-owned in Display & Video 360’s Marketplace. Once the Asian-owned attribute appears on a Business Profile, users can see the attribute identifying the business as an AAB. Business owners can easily opt-in, as well as opt-out, of the attribute. Click this link to learn more about the feature:


Google worked closely with hundreds of Asian-owned businesses to ensure the attribute celebrates and showcases our community’s diverse and distinct cultures. The attribute feature builds upon the success of Black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned, women-owned, and LGBTQ+ owned business attributes. This new feature is the latest tool helping customers identify and support a diversity of businesses across Google’s industry-leading products and platforms.


Improving digital skills for AABs

Since the summer of 2021, Grow with Google and USPAACC have partnered together to provide digital training courses and online tools to help small businesses adapt, grow, and better serve their customers and community. Our successful collaboration has helped more than 20,000 Asian-owned businesses expand their digital skills through workshops on topics like e-commerce tools, design thinking for entrepreneurs, and utilizing analytics in decision-making.


Going forward, USPAACC and Grow with Google will help 10,000 more Asian-owned small businesses gain crucial digital skills. With approximately one-quarter of Asian-owned business owners indicating social media and online sales as among the most important channels to build community and obtain financial support, helping more AABs improve their digital skills remains a top priority. You can learn more about our Grow with Google initiative and access the previous 17 sessions here:


Google’s Asian-owned attribute feature coupled with our digital skills training partnership will better assist Asian-owned businesses in continuing to thrive.


USPAACC is proud to partner with our good friends at Google in serving, advancing, advocating, and delivering real solutions for our Members and Asian American business community.


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