Dr. Jason Saving is a regional economist at Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Dr. Jason L. Saving is a public finance and regional economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. In this position, he conducts research on issues including tax reform, regional migration, income inequality and the interplay between political polarization and fiscal policy. His articles have appeared in scholarly journals such as “Economic Inquiry,” “Southern Economic Journal” and the “National Tax Journal.”


Saving has also written policy-relevant articles on state and local fiscal issues that impact Texas and the Eleventh Federal Reserve District. Among the questions he has examined are why property taxes rose so rapidly in the years after the Great Recession, whether the poor bear a disproportionate share of the state’s overall tax burden and why Texas has a relatively low percentage of people covered by health insurance. A recurring theme of these articles is that public policy decisions have important consequences for equity and economic efficiency.



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Dr. Jason L. Saving Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas tax reform regional migration income inequality interplay between political polarization fiscal policy Economic Inquiry Southern Economic Journal” and the “National Tax Journal Great Recession

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