Luis Spinola supports MBEs by providing meaningful opportunities

By Brenda Beveridge

Luis Spinola, president and CEO of Azteca-Omega Group Inc., or AOG, lives by the motto: “Ordinary things consistently done will achieve extraordinary results.” That philosophy has led to AOG completing nearly 1,000 projects across Texas and the United States for the private and public sectors. 

AOG is an award-winning construction firm that has 

taken on projects of many sizes and scales through its two operating companies. Azteca Enterprises Inc. provides a full range of building construction management and general contracting; Omega Contracting Inc. offers complete civil construction and engineering.

Spinola attributes his success to his more than 200 employees. 

“I don’t like talking about myself very much. I [would] rather talk about the people who work with me and the opportunities we’ve been given,” he said. “I have been able to surround myself with very good people. It’s very important to support your employees because they are the ones that are getting things done. They deserve the credit. I’ve always said, ‘Don’t expect your employees to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.’”

Over the years, the company has strategically positioned itself and achieved growth through projects such as joint ventures on large, landmark projects. AOG concentrates on public projects in aviation, transit, municipal and health care markets. Together, these experiences have resulted in a diverse portfolio of work, making AOG a sought-after partner for large, construction-manager, at-risk projects.  

The company also provides program management services along with expertise in design-build project delivery. One of its current projects, for example, is delivering the design-build for Jackson Street Parking Garage in downtown Dallas. Its construction requires critical planning for constructability, as the structure is designed for future vertical expansion. 

Challenging projects like the new garage are where AOG excels — coordination, collaboration and construction expertise.

AOG brings a hands-on commitment to projects, which is based on proven capabilities of logistics, problem-solving and a comprehensive approach to pre-construction. The company leverages opportunities to expand and educate its workforce on every project engagement, regardless of public visibility. This community-first approach allows AOG to support both the construction industry and its neighbors. 

A key factor in all AOG’s work is ensuring participation and opportunity for minority contractors and subcontractors. This effort is both a testament and testimony to the company’s own experience.

“We were mentored by some great institutes, and so, now I mentor because it’s important. First, it’s important to mentor your own people and make sure they continue to grow. It’s also important to partner with smaller firms and help them grow. We have that program, too,” Spinola said. 

“As for getting certified by your local [minority business enterprise] chambers, certification opens the door for you and makes it easier for you to have opportunities. But it’s up to you to excel. If you excel you make a name for yourself,” he continued. “The [Dallas Fort Worth] Minority Business Development Council led by Margo Posey is amazing. It promotes not only my industry but all the industries. They have opened so many doors for minority businesses and their goals.”

Supporting MBEs

As a minority-owned construction company, AOG understands firsthand the challenges that growing MBE firms face. To combat these challenges, the company has several policies that help ensure that MBE firms are supported and can be successful during contracts. 

One of these programs is a prompt-payment policy that provides safeguards for cash flow for growing firms. Another way AOG works to level set operations is by hiring through the Regional Black Contractors Association Second-Chance Program. This affords meaningful opportunities and work paths that benefit both workers and the company. 

Sharing business and construction expertise, Azteca regularly teams with emerging, small firms to provide crucial industry exposure to maximize growth and financial stability opportunities.

Spinola said AOG has always been willing to go the extra mile for clients, owners and partners. This can-do attitude permeates how the company does business, whether through extreme due diligence before award or leveraging resources during the project’s life cycle to ensure successful delivery. 

AOG has thrived by providing customer service which has been recognized through several industry awards, including Regional Hispanic Contractors Association Pillar Award - Project of the Year, Parkland Sky Bridges; DFW MSDC Supplier of the Year; and most recently, City of Houston Contractor of the Year. 

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