Merck's Raul Suarez-Rodriguez featured in NMSDC podcast

In the latest episode of the Equity in Business podcast series, Raul, an immigrant from Cuba didn’t speak English when he came to America but ascended to a leadership role at Merck— as the Director of Global Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity. Because of and in spite of his challenges as an immigrant, Raul is driven to assist Minority Business Enterprises to become successful by being persistent, professional, and resilient. Don’t miss this dynamic leaders’ “call to action” on this episode of the NMSDC Equity in Business podcast.


Raul Suarez-Rodriguez, director of global economic inclusion and supplier diversity, Merck


Host and Production Specialist

John G. Daniel is a believer, advocate for underserved communities, and published writer, with vast transformative leadership experience in the energy sector, economic development, hurricane recovery, and youth/community education and empowerment. Itoro Umontuen is the Editor of this project and is an award-winning photographer, reporter, and mixed-media journalist.


About the Equity in Business Podcast

The United States is facing a racial wealth gap that has existed for over 330 years. But at the same time, businesses run by systematically excluded communities of color (Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic, and Native American) still contribute over $400 billion to the U.S. economy, even though these communities face barriers to information, capital, and contracts. Hosted by the NMSDC, this podcast channel explores how growing minority business enterprises (MBEs) is central to not only addressing the racial wealth gap but also creating a stronger, more resilient society for all.


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