Moses receives award 'rarer than a Super Bowl ring'

By Kayla Carnes


This year marks the 39th anniversary of Telecom Electric Supply Co. (TES), but founder and CEO Fred Moses has no plans to hang up his proverbial hat just yet.


“I have no desire to sit around,” confessed Moses. After a lifetime of building inroads for Black entrepreneurs and raising the bar for minority-owned businesses, he has every reason to begin thinking about succession planning. However, the same commitment to excellence that paved the way for his storied success continues to propel him forward into each new day with newfound vigor.


Going above and beyond 

Established in 1985, Plano, Texas-based TES began as Moses’ response to a series of business ventures that never quite made it off the ground. Following a move to Dallas in 1980, Moses spent those initial five years as the operations manager at General Electric Co. (GE), where he had the opportunity to deepen his core competencies: money management and relationship-building. 


“I was very curious about business, especially in the early 90s,” Moses said. “Black enterprises were taking off, and I was starting to see and understand what other entrepreneurs across the country were doing. Until I founded TES, I’d tried various other small businesses in the Dallas area, but all of them were struggling. During my time with GE, I believe I developed some better skills. Following my time there, I decided to re-enter the field with a focus on my financial skills and abilities.”


Nearly 40 years later, TES has evolved from its beginnings a traditional wholesale distributor of electrical products to a robust supply chain solutions company that includes procurement services, managed inventory solutions and expanded wholesale products distribution. 


The catalyst for growth, Moses said, is a combination of two things: the ability to manage finances and a knack for taking care of people.


“If a man asks you to walk 1 mile, go with him 2,” he said. “That simple philosophy is what drives me. Going above and beyond is important to me and my employees, and it’s crucial to how we represent TES to the world.” 


Earning accolades 

Earlier this year, Moses was honored with two prestigious awards. 


At the Meals on Wheels Collin County Illuminating Hope Gala in March, he was presented with the Inspired to Unite: Community Leader Award in recognition of his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and service as well as his significant financial contributions to the community.


“I was very surprised!” Moses said. “I supported Meals on Wheels because I believe in the good work they do. Coming from a large family, taking care of my fellow man is just another action I know to be right.”


During the same event, Texas 4th District Congressman Pat Fallon bestowed upon him the Congressional Patriot Award. This distinctive accolade celebrates individuals within the local district who generously dedicate their time and skills to enhance the well-being of their community.


“This award is rarer than a Super Bowl ring,” Fallon said as he honored Moses. “Of the million- plus people who live in Collin County, Fred Moses is the first recipient of this award.” 

To Moses, these actions are just a natural extension of his personal commitment to excellence.


“Customers, suppliers, employees and the community are the four pillars that make our community and TES successful,” he said. “Serving and supporting those around us is key — and I can’t do that by sitting on the sidelines.”


It’s clear that Moses fully intends to continue investing the best of himself into TES and the surrounding community. His advice for young entrepreneurs following in his footsteps is equal parts encouraging and challenging.


“It’s easy to look at a situation and say, ‘That’s too complicated; I don’t know anything about it!’,” he said. “But I got involved with plenty I didn’t know much about. Sometimes, you need to learn by doing and simply starting. You don’t have to have lots of experience to begin.


“But I always want to be involved in what’s happening around me,” he continued. “I see there are many needs, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.”


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