NMSDC names 2024 Emerging Young Entrepreneurs

NMSDC recently announced the ninth cohort of the Emerging Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program. EYE is a nine-month experience uniquely designed to provide the next generation of minority entrepreneurs (ages 19 – 35) with skills, tools, and strategies to start or grow their innovative businesses. This year’s Emerging Young Entrepreneurs are:

·        Akos Antwi, Revive Therapeutic Services

·        Melissa Bernabe, SirSean Productions

·        Keon Berry, Keon N. Berry Group.

·        Shanay Braxton, Business In Travel

·        Patrick Buckner, Moltron Builders Inc.

·        Miguel Carrillo, Carrillo Innovations

·        Candace Chambers, Educational Writing Services

·        Mohamed Cisse, Drmwx Creative Agency

·        Chelsea Dade, Communicate for Health Justice (CFHJ) LLC

·        Kamara Daughtry, Digital Career Opportunities Worldwide

·        Arlenis Domingue, Vivid Arc

·        Ahriana Edwards, Vaila Shoes

·        Daniel Ellis, Aloha Laundry Life

·        Kharisma Faulkner, Market With Kharisma

·        Jelani Fenton, EG Bowman

·        Kyle Ganeriwal, KBH Industrial

·        Danielle Germain, Career Toolkits By Dee

·        Patience Gitau, NurseBridge

·        Brittany Hale, BND Consulting

·        Jazmine Jackson, Cobachi C.R.E.A.M.

·        Aminata “Ami” Jalloh, Ami J Creates

·        Ashley Jean, Ashley Jean Creative

·        Michelle Jones, BPT Staffing

·        Osinor Kakhu, New Media Results

·        Dennis Lee Jr., Percival Company

·        Kayla Life, The Rebrand Creative Agency

·        Soliel Lindsey, Sol Rise Essentials

·        Mackenzie Loy, Homemade in DC

·        Kamilah Mantle, EPICC Technologies

·        Trayana Mills, Next Level Beauty

·        Catherean Mitchell, Mitchells Logistics

·        Michael Odumosu, WindmillCode

·        Onanma Okeke, Wise Things

·        Anthony Patrick, Music City Supreme Services

·        Brittney Perry, PerryCo Shoes

·        Raven Pugh, Upper Coaching

·        Oscar Quito, Q Calibration Services LLC

·        Guilherme Maia Silva, Força Foods

·        Taylor Tate, BlackMuse

·        Jamera Taylor, Top Shelf Cleaning Service

·        Jamila Thompson, H. Lindo

·        Stanley Tineo, Stanley Engineering, P.C.

·        Ricardo Topete, Rico Media Productions

·        Dontae Tyler, OQP Solutions

·        Shalonda Wallace, Wallace Media Group

·        Octavia Warren, Creative Juice

·        Imani Washington, The GYEM Initiative

·        Myca Williamson, Myca Raquel Consulting

·        Christian Yang, Pure Growth Media

·        Vanessa Zamy, LiberationX


“As NMSDC continues its march to $1 trillion in annual revenue for NMSDC-certified MBEs, we know how essential it is that we cultivate the minority business leaders of the future,” said NMSDC Senior Director of MBE Services and Strategic Partnerships Jetheda Hernandez. “To accelerate the growth of the next generation of certified businesses we have expanded the EYE program to include the largest number of participants in its history,” she added.


EYE programming examines proven best practices to address common issues Gen Z and millennial entrepreneurs face in the context of today’s business environment including:

·        The five key methods of operating a successful business.

·        Strategies to anticipate organizational needs and execute innovative responses.

·        Professional development and access to top business leaders and corporate executives.

·        Supply chain processes and the benefits of developing relationships with supply chain practitioners.


As part of the program, participants must obtain NMSDC MBE certification (if not already certified). They will also have the opportunity to compete in a pitch competition at the 2024 Annual Conference in Exchange taking place in Atlanta, Oct. 20 – 23.


For more information on the EYE program visit nmsdc.org/programs/emerging-young-entrepreneurs-program/.


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