NMSDC reinforces commitment to advancing MBEs

As we begin 2024, NMSDC reinforces its commitment to empowering and advancing MBEs. Through strategic engagements, insightful policy advocacy, and dynamic communications, this quarter has fortified the foundation of minority business development in the face of evolving challenges and new opportunities.


Comprehensive Overview of Key Activities and Achievements


Strengthening Advocacy Through Leadership and Dialogue

·       Center Forward Issues Conference: CEO and President Ying McGuire’s participation at this bipartisan policy conference emphasized policy’s essential role in the future landscape of MBEs, reinforcing the significance of NMSDC’s advocacy.


·       DEI in 2024 Presentation: At an event hosted by The Executive Leadership Council, McGuire highlighted the importance of supplier diversity, affirming NMSDC’s dedication to these principles amidst a shifting societal and economic context.


·       Administrative Collaboration: McGuire recently engaged in discussions with officials from the U.S. Departments of Transportation, Treasury, and Energy, including Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo. These engagements enhanced alliances with key administration officials and their initiatives.


·       Legislative Leadership: Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Lisa Morris recently sat down with the U.S. House and Senate Small Business Committees and the Congressional Black Caucus to provide a strategic analysis of the current legal and legislative environment and connected leaders from throughout the NMSDC network to legislative partners.


·       Open Letter to Fortune 500 CEOs: NMSDC joined a dozen influential business leaders to send an open letter to Fortune 500 CEOs urging them to maintain and expand their commitments to diversity initiatives in the face of opposition from a vocal minority that is out of step with public sentiment and disregards the needs of businesses.


·       Survey of C-Suite Executives About Business Diversity:  NMSDC helped promote a survey conducted by Morning Consult that showed strong support for diversity initiatives among corporate leaders.


Educating and Uniting Our Community

·       A focused webinar on the recent ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas related to the communities the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) serves brought together NMSDC’s network to hear from DEI legal advocates  Alphonso David, Damon Hewitt, and Sarah Von Der Lippe. This gathering provided a deep dive into the ruling’s implications, discussing the longstanding discrimination against minority-owned businesses and the vital need for solidarity and strategy in the face of legal challenges. It also emphasized the enduring role of private-sector supplier diversity programs and their increasing importance in the face of the ruling.


·       The launch of the MBE Story Bank, following the webinar, created a dedicated space to celebrate the diverse successes within our community, showcasing the resilience and innovation of MBEs.


Media Engagement and Statements of Support

·       In response to the disheartening MBDA ruling by the Texas District Court, NMSDC articulated its disappointment and steadfast support for MBEs through a press release and detailed statement.


Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement and Best Practices

·       NMSDC’s call to action for the Business Diversity Principles RFI underscored the collective imperative for inclusive policies, while a webinar on Supplier Diversity Best Practices, better equipped our network for the challenges ahead.


Expanding Leadership and Providing Essential Insights

·       McGuire’s appointment to the MBDA Minority Business Advisory Council marks a pivotal moment, signifying NMSDC’s critical influence in shaping minority business development policies and practices on a national scale.


·       NMSDC’s newest newsletter, The Pulse continues our tradition of keeping stakeholders well-informed about ongoing DEI challenges and litigation, emphasizing our commitment to transparency, awareness, and proactive engagement. View the latest issue here.

Amplifying NMSDC’s Voice and Mission

Our advocacy efforts this quarter have garnered significant media attention, reflecting the broader societal and economic recognition of our mission. Extensive coverage from prominent news outlets has amplified our voice and highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in the business world. Notably, our initiatives and perspectives were featured in:


·       NPR Market Place: Offering insights into the economic impact of diversity initiatives on the business landscape.

·       USA Today: Highlighting our stance on recent legal challenges and the importance of supporting minority business development.

·       NBC BLK: Focusing on our efforts to advocate for Black-owned businesses amidst evolving legal and political landscapes.

·       KBLA Radio: Providing a platform to discuss the significance of supplier diversity and the ongoing challenges faced by MBEs.

·       The New York Times Dealbook: Addressing the broader implications of diversity initiatives for corporate America and the economy at large.


Furthermore, our open letter to Fortune 500 CEOs was featured on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and several other outlets, reaching an audience well beyond our immediate network. This coverage not only highlights the public and corporate interest in our mission but also marks a significant moment of impact, with over 2 million views and substantial advertising equivalency value. This broad media engagement underscores the urgent need for continued commitment to business diversity and the powerful role NMSDC plays in shaping this critical dialogue.


Advancing With Determination and Unity

The initiatives and achievements of the first three months of 2024 exemplify NMSDC’s dynamic approach to advocacy, support, and empowerment for MBEs. Through strategic engagements, impactful communications, and steadfast policy advocacy, we are not merely responding to the present challenges; we are actively crafting a future where minority businesses can thrive. We look forward to your continued partnership as we continue our work in the coming months.


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