Operation Hope research: Only 5% of total respondents have grown their small business in the last year

Small businesses make up 43.5% of America’s GDP, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and almost half of the country’s workforce is employed by small businesses (46%). As an organization that turns “small business dreamers into small business owners” through our programs and coaching, we recognize how greatly the country’s economy benefits from entrepreneurial growth.

In the most recent results of our HOPE Insider, we surveyed over 3,500 Operation HOPE clients from around the country. Asked what they were most optimistic about over the coming year, our Small Business Owners reflected they had to seek additional means of financial stability to offset the impacts of inflation, primarily through side gigs and second jobs.

“I'm hopeful that my business will improve over the next few months. I'm looking to pick up a remote position and still be here at the store to cover day-to-day operations. Our mortgage payment has increased due to homeowner’s insurance increasing and our debt has increased as well. My husband is also self-employed, and his business has picked up, so now we’re waiting for him to be able to pay himself to assist with our obligations at home.” 





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