Scott Trapp - Leaders recognized for establishing consistent DEI strategies in their organizations

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your role at your company?

A: I have over 20 years of experience in human resources, mainly in the talent acquisition and diversity, equity and inclusion spaces. My experience spans across multiple industries, including education, aerospace and the utilities. Originally from a small town outside of Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania], I always knew the meaning of demanding work and family values, and believe my various experiences shape the multifaceted person I am now. I certainly have my lessons learned over the years, but I highly enjoy the work that I do and maintain my spirit for continuous learning. 

I am excited to be a member Oncor’s leadership team and serve as the vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion. Oncor is committed to DEI, and it has continued to evolve its culture by listening and formulating meaningful programs that align with the values of Oncor. 

It is our leadership’s goal to ensure every employee is welcomed, belongs and has a voice that is heard and respected. It is my primary responsibility to oversee the compliance, programming and action-planning to cultivate that culture. 

Q: Why is diversity, equity and inclusion important to your company? 

A: It is a business imperative for Oncor to strengthen its culture of awareness by evaluating its programming, policies and business practices to mitigate unconscious bias. Oncor is also committed to ensuring employees have access to fair pay and fairness in training and development. It is my belief that not only is treating everyone with dignity and respect the right thing to do, but it has a direct impact on a company’s ability to get the job done for its customers, employees and shareholders. The leaders at Oncor recognize [fair treatment and its impact] as well and encourage employees to become more authentic in the workplace because it contributes to Oncor’s innovations and ability to offer affordable solutions and deliver unparalleled customer service to our communities. 

Q: How has your company’s DE&I strategy evolved over the past couple of years as the spotlight has been on the country’s lingering racial inequality and social injustice issues?

A: Oncor’s diversity, equity and inclusion journey is still beginning, but is successful due to the grassroots efforts of highly engaged employees and the firm support of senior leaders and officers. We started with small-group discussions to discuss racial inequalities and progressed to forming eight employee resource groups that create spaces for employees to inform, empower and support one another. 

We have become more intentional with our action-planning, recruitment and development efforts to increase our diversity, and have a robust initiative to invest in minority/women-owned business enterprises or MWBEs. Oncor knows that having varied perspectives generates better ideas to address the complex challenges we face in the utility sector, and we are committed to diversity values necessary to solve them. 

Q: What area of DEI is still a challenge despite increased visibility and acceptance? 

A: Equity. Equity ensures that everyone has access to the same treatment, opportunities and advancement, but not everyone has the same understanding of it or is concerned about what is “loss” to achieve it. When done the right way, equity clears the path to the utopia we all wish to get to, but we have to deeply explore the possibilities of everyone having the same opportunities in education, pay, health care and professional development, and take the hard steps to get us there. 

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