The sold-out conference was supported by corporate partners, buyer participation



On behalf of the National Business League and the 35th Annual National Black Supplier Conference, presented by Stellantis, we would like to thank the more than 100 buyers as well as the 350 in-person and 1,600 virtual attendees at this year’s sold out event at the Detroit Athletic Club, hosted by the NBL Detroit Chapter, Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce and Booker T. Washington Trade Association, absolutely free to the community. 




This year’s conference could not have been a success without our corporate partners, including American Express, the Bay Metro Transit Authority, Ben & Jerry’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, City of Detroit Purchasing and Procurement, Computech, Comerica Bank, Cummins, the Defense Logistics Agency, Delta Air Lines, the Detroit Athletic Club, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Detroit Purchasing and Procurement, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, DTE Energy, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, the Great Lakes Water Authority, Henry Ford Health, Huntington Bank, Lear Corporation, Magna International, the National 8A Association, NAVAIR, MEDC Pure Michigan Connect, Rocket Companies, Salesforce, Stellantis, Tech Town, Tenneco, Toyota Motor Company, the U.S. Navy and Wayne County.  




The behind-the-scenes efforts also ensure successful conferences, so we want to thank the Detroit United Front (NBL Detroit, DBCC and BTWTA), T3 Innovation Strategist, Locostation, SR Audio, All Pro Printing, Hobson Photography, Full Films Wedd Videography and the Detroit Athletic Club for making this initiative a first-class endeavor.  




Congratulations to the National Pitch Competition participants as part of the National Black Supplier Development Program. Finishing 1st Place was Fran Westbrooks of BLVD Content, LLC (Boulevard), in 2nd Place James Pitts Greenwood of Commercial Real Estate, and in 3rd place Earl B. Higgins of Pro-Tech Group LLC Sr. Also, big applause for finalist presenters, Fran Westbrook, Justin Turk, George Gamble, Wendy Turner Miller, LeAdrian Moore, Munson Steed, Tamika Brown and Will McCoy of the following Black-owned supplier companies: Goss Insurance, Powerhouse Energy 360, JMA Logistics, Livegistics, BSM Logistics, Rolling Out (Agents and Strategies), ESG Logistics, ConForm Automotive, The Harmon Group, Superior Innovative Solutions LLC and Vehya LLC 




A special shout out to our panelist, speakers and judges, including Orena Perry, Marlo Vitous, Dr. Cecil Forbes, Dr. Ken Harris, James Rose Jr., Marvin Washington, Helena Hutton, Art McClellan, Greg Hawkins, Dr. Forrest Carter, Teresa Lefevre, Tamara Hicks, Matt Greene, Travis Spencer, Dr. Danielle Benson, Chad Rhodes, Crystal Gunn and Bartel Welch.  



Due to the overwhelming in-person response post COVID-19, we look forward to seeing each of you at the National Business League’s 2023 36th Annual National Black Supplier Conference at the Detroit Athletic Club in Detroit, Michigan.  


Entrepreneurially Yours, 


Dr. Kenneth L. Harris, Ph.D. 


The National Business League (NBL) 

Founded August 23, 1900, by Booker T. Washington 


National Business League 35th Annual National Black Supplier Conference Stellantis Detroit Athletic Club NBL Detroit Chapter Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce Booker T. Washington Trade Association American Express Bay Metro Transit Authority Ben & Jerry’s Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan City of Detroit Computech Comerica Bank Cummins Defense Logistics Agency Delta Air Lines Detroit Economic Growth Corporation Detroit Purchasing and Procurement Detroit Water & Sewerage Department DTE Energy Ford Motor Company General Motors Corporation Great Lakes Water Authority Henry Ford Health Huntington Bank Lear Corporation Magna International National 8A Association NAVAIR MEDC Pure Michigan Connect Rocket Companies Salesforce Tech Town Tenneco Toyota Motor Company U.S. Navy Wayne County T3 Innovation Strategist All Pro Printing Hobson Photography Full Films Wedd Videography Fran Westbrook Justin Turk George Gamble Goss Insurance Dr. Kenneth L. Harris Ph.D.

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