VDart among U.S.'s 50 largest workforce solutions firms

By M.V. Greene

Diverse suppliers often hear a familiar refrain when seeking supply chain business with Fortune-level corporations: Anticipate the needs of your buyers.

The expectation is that suppliers need to determine where these large corporations are headed in their sourcing and operations, devising solutions to serve them.

For VDart Group — the point is well taken. VDart Group is a diverse supplier providing talent management through parent company VDart Inc. and digital transformation solutions and system integration services through Dimiour, a VDart Group Company. It is intentional about anticipating and addressing its customers’ needs in at least two focused areas: global markets, where many of its corporate partners compete, and emerging corporate initiatives such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, VDart Group has moved rapidly in recent years to solidify its global presence – with operations and facilities that now includes markets in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2007, VDart’s global expansion further bolsters its traditional service regions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India.

“One of our customers is based out of the United States. It has a large presence in Australia and wants us to help it ramp up further in Australia,” said VDart founder and CEO Sidd Ahmed.

He characterizes new global markets for his company’s offerings as having “incredible potential for digitalization” to serve industries that include automotive and mobility, banking and finance, health care and life sciences, and energy and utilities.

While one of the key components of VDart’s business is providing workforce solutions to its corporate clients, Mohamed Irfan Peeran, Dimiour’s managing director for growth, including mergers and acquisitions, said VDart also focuses on enhancing the expertise of its own global workforce — such as in digital transformation services — by recruiting executives, engineers and technologists with experience working for large conglomerates and technology organizations.

VDart Group employs more than 4,000 people globally and has grown to be among the 50 largest workforce staffing companies based in the United States.

Having such expertise in its own workforce allows VDart to provide its clients with timely market intelligence about new global service regions, Peeran said.

“It showcases how well-equipped we are,” he said. “We are brainstorming all the time within our internal teams to say, ‘What are those gaps that exist and what emerging technologies can solve the problems?’” Peeran said. “We are also continuing to build solutions leveraging blockchain and cloud computing.”

In addition, as part of its approach to global business, VDart Group sets up local advisory boards to help its clients navigate regulations and customs in those global regions, Peeran said.

Ahmed added that acquiring top talent within the organization is key to the company positioning itself to scale globally.

“We need to have leaders who are able to give thought leadership and drive functions in the organization. We’ve been able to create good C-suite leaders within the organization,” he said.

Ahmed said VDart Group also has positioned itself to assist its corporate clients with ESG compliance — emerging corporate governance guidelines that publicly traded corporations increasingly are adopting to attract socially responsible investors.

In 2021, for instance, VDart successfully graduated from Accenture PLC’s Diverse Supplier Development Program on Sustainability, a five-year pilot that focuses on the adoption of five major United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Accenture program helped the company develop a sustainability roadmap to facilitate corporate clients in reaching their ESG objectives.

VDart was chosen as the first diverse supplier to participate in Accenture’s Pilot Diverse Supplier Development Program on Sustainability, Ahmed noted.

“Coming out of the program, we put together our ESG goals,” he said. “Now we are thinking about ESG in every solution that we deliver for our customers. It is something hugely welcomed by our customers.”


Awards and accolades

The recipient of several industry awards, VDart’s formula seems to be moving full steam ahead and offers a reverse cautionary tale of sorts for other diverse suppliers seeking to exploit corporate supply chains.

“The kind of customers who we work with are multinational companies who have a global presence. So, we come in as an MBE [minority business enterprise] who is able to scale and who has a global presence. We are able to beat some of the larger players from a pricing standpoint and deliver extremely good quality,” Ahmed said.

At the Dallas Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council (DFW MSDC) recent ACCESS Business Expo, VDart was honored as Supplier of the Year – Class IV, nominated by its client Toyota Motor North America Inc. The honor sets up the company for consideration as Supplier of the Year – Class IV at the National Minority Supplier Development Council annual conference in October.

In addition, D/FW MSDC presented VDart with a 2022 Mega Deal award, which is designed to illustrate how scalable minority-owned businesses can execute contracts worth a minimum of $25 million.

The recent awards follow a series of honors the company has received over previous years from industry groups, business publications and governmental entities.

While such honors are a source of pride for the VDart organization and its employees, Ahmed said they also serve to benchmark the company within the industries in which it competes.

“Every time we’ve won an award as a company, I’ve always said that I’m just so fortunate to be a CEO leading an amazing group of people,” he said. “We win these awards just purely because of our teams’ performances. You will see in every award that there is a huge amount of appreciation, which permeates the entire organization.”


To learn more about vdart, visit vdart.com.


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